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Actualizado: 7 may 2019

Who doesn’t want their children to be bilingual? Living in Miami, a city with such a strong Hispanic influence, it’s easy to assume that children are bilingual by default. But the reality is that there are more and more parents speaking to their children in Spanish and getting a reply in English. The struggle is real!

Parents try to keep the “only Spanish” rule at home and find themselves not being able to maintain it 100% of the time. As children grow up, English becomes their native language and if they don’t have a significant exposure to their language of heritage, they can drift away from it. Although some might mix it up speaking a very Miamian Spanglish.

The truth is that bilingualism doesn’t come as easy as it sounds just because we are raising our children in Miami. It requires effort, strategy, creativity and consistency from a parenting perspective.

Go to Miami Moms Blog to check out some of the tips and tricks I shared to expose your children to your native language and encourage them to speak it and feel proud of it! We are now practicing these tips with our one-year-old baby girl, too. So I will definitely come back to share an update on this multi-lingual adventure I’m experiencing with my familia.

La versión en español de este artículo, está disponible aquí.

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