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Actualizado: 25 sept 2018

When we discovered Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, we were planning our wedding and had just booked another venue. We rushed to the garden and fell in love with its wonders. Immediately we cancelled our previous reservation and decided to get married at Fairchild.

What a magical place for such an important life event! Our wedding was a destination celebration for some of our guests who came from Brazil to join us. We were happy to give them the opportunity to experience one of the prettiest spots in our beautiful city!

After a few years and two kids, we went back to the garden to attend an event. Filled with beautiful memories, we were excited to see our little ones running in the grass and hiding behind giant trees. Click here to read more, on Miami Moms Blog, about this wonderful place and all the cool things you can do to enjoy the wonders of nature and have a great time with the family.

This is the exact same spot where we got married back in 2014. Although Dani is crying because he didn't want to pose for the picture, I promise you he had a blast and we left the garden on a happy note.

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