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Actualizado: 25 sept 2018

It is that time again: #hurricane season. This means we need to be physically ready for storms and hurricanes that could come our way. However, we also need to be prepared to engage our children when it comes to all that they are seeing and experiencing during hurricane season too. While it is not an easy topic to discuss, it is one we need to address.

Today’s weather reminded me of this. It rained for hours. I had to explain my son Daniel what a thunderstorm is so that he wouldn’t get scared with the strong sound of the thunders. I reinforced how important it is to trust God, the maker of heaven and earth, our protector.

Hurricane season presents an opportunity to teach our kids important life lessons in the context of a stressful situation. Here I share 5 tips for parents to turn a negative circumstance into a positive experience that will help shape our children’s character into the strong, resilient women and men we strive to raise.

Head over to Miami Moms Blog to read the full story.

El clima de esta tarde me recordó que estamos en temporada de huracanes. Llovió muy fuerte toda la tarde. Tuve que explicarle a Dani qué son los truenos para que no asustara con el sonido. Le reforcé lo importante que es confiar en Dios, nuestro protector, Creador del cielo y la tierra. Mi primer artículo para Miami Moms Blog tiene que ver con esto. En este post comparto 5 consejos para que como padres convirtamos una circunstancia estresante (preparativos para tormentas o huracanes) en una experiencia positiva que ayude a formar el carácter de nuestros hijos.

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